by: Louise L Hay

In Modern-Day Miracles, Louise Hay shares letters she has received over many years, from people who have been helped and inspired by her catalytic work, to find healing in their lives. Her enthusiasm and hope is that this collection will itself prove to be powerful and life-changing, providing a source of comfort, solace and motivation in matters of health, love, work, abundance and more. Learning from these experiences - and so appreciating just how varied the healing journey can be - will be most useful when you are seeking to forge through life's challenges en route to your perfect good (see Ann's editorial in Issue 7 2010). To assist you, Louise offers plenty of exercises and affirmations, so that you can ª†do the work', changing your consciousness in a positive way. She also encourages you to explore the ways in which your own thoughts, conversations, actions, and intentions can impact others, creating a chain reaction of modern miracles.
256pp, 152mm x 229mm, Paperback, 2010


WHAT ONE GOOD HUG CAN DO – from Marcela, Spain
A loving friend gave me her personal copy of You Can Heal Your Life [191105, £7.65] as a present during a difficult time in my life. I’ve discovered that it really is true: ‘The teacher only appears when the student is ready.’ Despite my resistance, Louise started appearing in my life again and again and again – until one day I was ready to hear her message.

Despite the outward success and praise I’d enjoyed in life, I now discovered that I didn’t love myself. That pill was hard to swallow. So, since I’d been educated as a scientist, I decided to give myself one opportunity to put Louise’s ideas to the test. I took a 30-day challenge to say ‘I love you’ in the mirror every day, but I didn’t think the experiment was working – I’d usually merely see a stranger on the other side of the mirror, looking at me with indifference. Irritated and feeling worse than I had before I started the challenge, I discarded Louise’s message.

Then something happened. I had just moved to a new city and had been having a particularly bad week when my neighbour, whom I’d met less than two months before, gave me a hug. I was stunned, realising that this was the first physical contact I’d had with anyone in two months. I suddenly saw how deprived I was of love – one hug in two months is only six hugs a year!

I decided to make a small modification to Louise’s exercises and try again. This time I actually started hugging myself! First I did four hugs a day, which was very uncomfortable. Nevertheless,
I persisted, building up to 8 hugs, then 12, and so on, as if I were weight training. With the hugs came ‘I love you’ and other kind words, along with encouragement and affection for myself.

Hugging myself and saying ‘I love you’ is something very powerful in my life. I just hold myself, like a loving parent cradling a precious child, and I feel safe. Most important, I feel loved. I still have bad days, but now when I have them, I simply remind myself that this is one of those times when I need to love myself more instead of going into a spiral of depression.

I have scheduled hugs into my personal agenda every day and always keep the appointment, knowing that I’m meeting with the most important person in my life. And here’s another great thing: when I’m hugging myself at work, most people just think I’m shivering, so I don’t even have to give an explanation!

From Modern-Day Miracles, ©2010 by Louise L Hay & Friends, published by Hay House.


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