by: New World Music

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Monastery Garden carries you away to a place of pure bliss, surrounded by a chorus of summertime birdsong, immersing you in nature in all her glory. From time to time, voices drift in and out on a gentle breeze, as you are soothed by the sound of distant monks? Gregorian chant. Stand near a stream for a while and delight as the water skips over the pebbles. The beauty of Monastery Garden is in the clarity of the birdsong: a host of garden and woodland birds, and even a few joyful surprises, join in natural harmony. Its delicate ambience helps you to mask out distractions, to focus for study or meditation. This disc is also perfect for creating a restful atmosphere, to relax and unwind, or to help lull babies, children and adults into a peaceful sleep.
One track, total running time 58 minutes, 1994

Run Time: 58 min

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