October 28, 2014

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An Autumn Meditation from William Bloom

With Samhain only a couple of days away I’d like to continue with last week’s theme of Halloween as this festival holds so many layers of wisdom and blessings. When we look deeper into those layers we’re moved to embrace nature’s full cycle of life and death. The folk law and tradition of Samhain reawakens something very ancient in us and acts as a profound reminder to strive to accept, without fear, that nothing lasts forever … when we do this, we let go and our lives are enriched with a greater appreciation and we learn to live life and it’s every fleeting moment to the full.

To help us with this, William Bloom has shared with us a special meditation to practice. I tried it from the branches of an old oak tree, watching it’s amber leaves scatter symbolically around me. I found it really soothed me through the process of letting go and will be relaxing into this meditation every day over Samhain and for as long as it feel is right for me. I invite you to do the same …

An Autumn Meditation from William Bloom

Take some quiet time and sit or lie in a comfortable position.

Let your body just sink and drop into being at ease. Like in a deckchair; or after a satisfying meal; or looking at a favourite view.

Allow your abdomen to relax, sink and drop.

Imagine and sense your abdomen happily sinking down into the earth.

You are a strong and mature tree. With deep roots. A strong, thick trunk.

Enjoy a feeling of sinking down into the earth and being part of this large, warm and nurturing mother planet.

Become aware now of your branches and your foliage.

With the turn of the weather and the rhythm of the seasons, you have hardly noticed that your leaves have turned from green to gold and are being carried by the wind and falling to the ground.

Sense that these golden leaves are old thoughts and feelings that you no longer need.

Let them go.

Enjoy how easily they are released.

Welcome the coming Winter.

Allow yourself to be nurtured.

Know that a new expansion will come in the Spring.

I wish you a blessed and healing Halloween. Please use the comments section down the page to let Cygnus and me know what you will be doing to celebrate; we love to hear from you!

One love,

Louisa and the Cygnus Team

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