Exciting Update & New Titles from Cygnus Books


Have you been missing the Cygnus Books magazine? I certainly have! I hadn’t realised how much I’d looked forward, every month, to their exclusive Mind, Body, Spirit articlesand special book selections. There was always such a diverse range of helpful and inspiring topics covered within those free pages and somehow every issue would be completely in tune with where my thoughts, feelings and...

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What you might not know about Deepak Chopra

You’d probably never have thought it, but before Deepak Chopra became a well loved mind-body-spirit expert and inspirational philosopher, he was a stressed out, chain smoking and discontented chief of medicine (yes, Western medicine) at a hospital in Boston, America. His work was having a negative impact on his life and he was consistently turning to alcohol.

‘Very unhappy people, physicians,’he...

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Your best friend for life *exclusive offer included*

Do you remember your favourite childhood teddy? You know, that one you used to take everywhere with you, tell all your secrets to and, of course, have all sorts of epic adventures with. Children form a special friendship with their teddies; they talk with them and believe in them wholeheartedly. In return those toys help kids to discover the many remarkable aspects of themselves. Naturally we grow...

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