Reclaiming the Celebration of the Harvest

There is a very powerful practice to attune to the seasons and the wheel of the year at the time of the Celtic festivals and create our own ceremonies, together or alone in the stillness of meditation. We both animate and reclaim the past wisdom of our ancestors whose very survival was bound to the... View full article →


I have a philosophy. It is to go where I am invited, to walk through open doors rather than push against the ones that are closed, to listen to my intuition to hear the call. Some weeks ago I had an email from a charming American called Meredith. Would I like to come and meet... View full article →

Exploring the Wild Edges with Glennie Kindred

I first met Glennie at a Big Green Gathering over a decade ago. I was a permaculturist who had come from a healing background, and Glennie was running the Healing Field at the festival. We both wanted to discover how we could bring a greater awareness of seasonal celebrations, art and healing to permaculture. Since then... View full article →