by: Chris Thomas

Planet Earth and its human population are undergoing changes associated with developing a higher level of vibration. As a psychic surgeon, Chris Thomas works on a daily basis with the physical and emotional consequences of these changes. He has written this book to enlighten us as to how the Earth and the human race got to this point, and what we need to do now to achieve our chosen goal, which is full consciousness of the higher self while in a material body. He also describes some of the obstacles that have been put in our way by those who seek to exploit and enslave the planet. Most of his information is drawn from his own readings of the Akashic record, and to simplify for us the often confusing wealth of detail, he traces the thread of one soul who has always been connected with the Earth's story, the being he calls ?Merlin?, whose special task it has always been to act as the Earth's custodian and advisor. Full of information not available elsewhere about humanity, the Faerie and other beings who inhabit this planet, this book is sure to intrigue.
199pp, 144mm x 205mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2003

Usually 2 - 3 weeks before dispatch on this title.

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