HUMAN SOUL Chris Thomas

by: Chris Thomas

In The Human Soul Chris Thomas uses his ability to read the Akashic Record to give answers to questions he is asked time and time again about humanity's past and possible future. The topics he covers include the history of the Earth; medical issues such as vaccination, cholesterol and genes; the life of Jesus and destruction of Celtic beliefs; UFOs and alien abductions, and how an extra-terrestrial race, which Chris calls the ?Velon?, may have been attempting to influence channellers and the material they channel for purposes of their own. Finally, Chris gives us an update of his view of humanity's future. Admittedly, not all the news he delivers is cheering, but at least, as Chris says, it gives you the opportunity to cut through the confusion that so often exists and gain sufficient information to make the choices that are right for you.
248pp, 144mm x 205mm, Paperback, 2007

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