by: Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas is a psychic who explores the Akashic Record to find answers to questions about humanity’s origins and possible futures. He says that Universes are created to explore particular questions. Our Universe, for instance, was created to explore freedom of choice and the possibility of conscious life within physical matter. Today, humanity has reached the point where the answers to its fundamental questions are known; the knowledge of how to be human on this amazing Earth has been won, and the final act of the Human Plan is ready to be played out. That’s why, according to Chris, 2005 has brought with it a huge impetus for change. The energy structures put into place at the start of the year brought with them enough power to change everything that we, as human beings, have known. Our ability to hide behind our false realities has finally been stripped away and we have to face ourselves and our actions in the full light of a new dawn. How did we get to this point, and where do we go from here? The Universal Soul offers intriguing answers.

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