Beyond The Brain Conference




21-23 August 2015    Latimer Place, Chesham  HP5 1UG

Do we have free will or are we programmed machines?

This conference will be a participatory experience.

Our speakers will share their insights from philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness studies.

We will use café style seating to help initiate table discussions and sharing of experiences. Speakers will provide practical reflections and exercises along with a sharing of their expertise. There will also be meditation and movement exercises. Time for small group exchanges and optional workshop sessions after lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Join us for an unforgettable weekend.

Speakers:  Dr. Alison Armstrong, Dr Ulisse di Corpo and Dr Antonella Vannini, Prof Richard Davidson (Skype), Prof Alfred Mele, Nura Sidarus, Prof Richard Silberstein

 Chairs: Dr. Peter Fenwick, David Lorimer      

Attend the conference at the Cygnus discounted SMN rate and you will also have half a year’s free electronic membership to the SMN. This includes access to the very large database of resources (includes past talks) and two (out of the year’s three) electronic copies of Network Review: the 74 page journal which includes articles, events and a very large number of book reviews.

 For more information and to book a place visit  When you book a place: ‘ticket’, to the conference on this page, we will contact you via your email address that you supply, to confirm membership.


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