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Just as there are authors writing books to inspire us, there are also filmmakers creating films to inspire, inform and connect us with what is happening just outside the Modern Media bubble.  

The goal of the Cygnus Candlelight Cinemas Initiative is to create and demonstrate a real demand for transformational films. Films that help reconnect us with all realms of nature and oneness.  We are all neighbours embodying many levels of consciousness within the spheres of our shared precious planet. Whether we be exploring the web of consciousness as humans,minerals, animals, vegetables or simply as forces in nature, we all share one world.

The problem

The big distribution companies do not believe there is an audience interested in watching inspirational films, so they do not distribute them to Cinemas.

The Grassroots Solution

Jean-Paul Martinez, filmmaker and Cygnus Review subscriber has launched the Candlelight Cinema Initiative with Cygnus. He knows many independent filmmakers like himself. Together, our goal is to have 1000 communities in village halls, schools, cafes and pubs around the world showing films once a month.  With this number we can create a sustainable inspirational film community, inspiring audiences and funding film makers through ticket sales. Those who have attended these events have come away feeling more connected to the world around them and inspired to share more.      

Join this project in two easy steps.

  1. Buy the films  (about £15 ) +P&P each from Cygnus  (  If you love the film and feel others in your community would like to see the film too:  
  2. contact Jean-Paul to purchase the relevant licence from  
  1. As a non-profit community event. For upto 30 people simply pay Jean-Paul an additional £25 which goes directly to the filmmaker to help him pay for his film position costs. (normally licences to show films may cost at least £85 per viewing).
  2. As a fundraising event.  Share the profits 50%-50%  with the filmmaker through Candlelight Cinema Network. Select your license on the website.
  3. As an Independent film screener, you can show the film as many times as you like, and you retain all ticket sales. Fee £200 per film.  You are effectively, publicising the film.   Link to our sister site

How do I put on a Candlelight Cinema Event?  It’s easy:

  1. Choose your film and venue.
  2. Create a poster and leaflets and distribute.
  3. Buy the film and extra copies to sell on the night if you wish, from Cygnus.  
  4. FREE web advertising for Cygnus subscribers. Just email us the date, time and venue of your event to email topic: Candlelight Cinema Event together with your contact details and we will post it on our events calendar. We can also show you how to get free advertising on the primary holistic events diary.
  5. Contact Jean-Paul at online to pay for the licence and he will send you the licence together with notes about the filmmaker for you to share with your audience and tips and tricks on putting on a film viewing.  

Jean-Paul has been working in independent film for many years and has been showing inspirational films to audiences for much of that time. He will be happy to give you his expert advice on selecting the right kit if you do not have access to a projector. This information is also available on the Candlelight Cinema website. The DVD’s can be shown via a laptop with an integral DVD player.

You will need external speakers, projector, projector cable and screen.

  1. Decide on a ticket price. Remember, this is a way to “pay it forwards” to filmmakers, so you may wish to send more than the minimum to Candlelight Cinemas to pay for the next filming project. Ask Jean-Paul or check out on the website what is the next film that needs funding. Most Cinema chains tickets start at £8-£9 theses days so £5 or £6 might be a good price for a night out that is also contributing to independent filmmaking.

Cygnus can send you Free copies of Cygnus Review to distribute at the door with our compliments.  Contact Geoff Napier on 07971 856 944.


Contact details for Licences Jean-Paul Martinez:   

Tel:  01923 590 249                               E:                   


A candle is lit to remind us that we are all part of one source, we all bear that light within us, either side of the screen.  The host of the evening introduces the film by telling us a little about the filmmaker and what inspired them to make the film. We watch the film together and then afterwards bring our chairs together into small groups and share what the film has revealed in us. We hope that through these films we can provide a space for you to meet like-minded folk in your locality.  You may well meet members from your local Cygnus Cafe group.


  • Projection Equipment, cables, speakers, extension lead.
  • Cygnus Reviews
  • leaflets for film you next plan to show including date, time and venue. Ask your audience to take extra copies away to distribute for you.
  • Notes on filmmaker’s reason for making this film.
  • candle to light + matches
  • Will you be having refreshments or food?

List of films    all £15.

Finding Joe

Occupy Love

Fairy Trails

The Cure is?

The Living Matrix

Walking The Camino

If you know of any other independently made films that will inspire others, please tell us.

Order DVDs from Cygnus Books

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