Cygnus Candlight Cinemas

A new Venture Cygnus Community Candlelight Cinemas

Cygnus* Candlelight Cinemas      by Jean-Paul Mertinez

Cygnus is now collaborating with Candlelight Cinema so you can see inspirational films with others of likemind.

The films come as normal DVDs, so you can watch them on any computer that you can plug in a projector and external speakers. (Jean-Paul can even give you advice about equipment for your space)

About Candlelight Cinema

Candlelight Cinema brings the world’s leading filmmakers, films and social causes together to inspire one-of-a-kind evenings of film, food and friends. Connecting to social impact messages and reflecting a more holistic view of the world - we provide film experiences that educate, inspire and entertain. We encourage you to share these films with your family, friends and community.

At the beginning of a film we suggest a candle is lit representing that we are all learning to hold our unique light in the world. At the end of the screenings often amazing conversations and discoveries happen. This is a unique approach to bringing people together, where we often come away feeling more inspired, moved and connected to each other and the world around us.

This is an experiment in film and please share with us how your Cygnus Candlelight Cinema is received. We have two films to start off this programme. Both are very different but we feel offer very interesting perspectives on the world.


This remarkable film made by  Velcrow Ripper seems to start as just another documentary yet the question asked to all the speakers is close to the heart of the Cygnus Community:

How can the current crisis be turned into a global Love story?

We see troublespots made familiar to us on the small screen, Tahrir Square in Egypt, Times Square during the Occupy Movement, but from an entirely fresh perspective, we see old and young, employed and unemployed, muslims and christians and Jews all talking together, breaking bread together, exploring how to build the world from the bottom up.

Why haven’t we seen this before? What we see unfolding in front of us are not demonstrations against something but demonstrations of new ways of being together. We also hear the views of independent minded visionaries such as Barbara Marx Hubbard and Elisabeth Sahtouris and many more as they delve into alternative systems in economics, sustainability, empathy and evolutions across the globe.

"What the film shows, triumphantly, is that love can unite as much as greed can divide"Vancouver International Film Festival

“An eye-opening and must-see film that is best watched in a group. It will inspire you to begin your own peaceful and life-changing revolution."


The second film in this programme offers an exploration of nature and her hidden energies and spirits. The Fairy Trail by Till Gerhard and Britta Schmidtke, investigates what Shamanism and indigenous cultures all over the world, have always taken for granted: nature spirits. In Europe we know them from fairy tales and great pieces of art. In literature they are elves, fairies, gnomes, dwarfs or mermaids.

What is the substance behind these stories and why are people still fascinated by these ephemeral beings today? Is there an ensouling intelligence behind nature and can we come in contact with it? The film brings us into conversations with many all around the world who’s very fabric of daily life is woven together with these beings as close as warp is to weft.

They speak of the frustration of the members of this realm of life who are just waiting to be asked by humanity to help cleanse our shared, beloved earth of the pollution we have so ignorantly pooped all over the place. *Find out how to get involved in organising a screening . Email: geoff [at] 

We invite you to participate in watching and sharing these films as a catalyst for change.

OK, I am interested.  How much does it cost?   Not as much as you might think!

Licence fee per showing:

Up to 25 people: £35         25 – 50 people: £50            50 – 100 people: £80   

Please contact  if you wish to have screening licence for larger audiences.

100 – 300 people: £110      300 – 500 people: £150     Unlimited screenings £200

               Dates and venues of Cygnus Candlelight Cinemas                

 OCCUPY LOVE   Monday  31st August   8pm at

Pictures In The Park, Sandbach

The Park Tavern, 158 Park Lane

Macclesfield,  Cheshire  SK11 6UB

Call Kark Grey for detials: 

 T: 01270 760 409

Who is Jean-Paul Mertinez?

I setup Candlelight Cinema in order to find new pathways to the audiances who want to see transformative films and having spent much of the last ten years working with a variety of indigenous elders, spiritual leaders, filmmakers and environmental activists we're in a good position to do so. Many of these teachers have been some of the first people to help raise our collective alarm bells of awareness of the challenges the world is facing.

Fortunately, this is no longer such a fringe subject (who would have imagined even six months ago a president of the United States interviewing a wildlife filmmaker to show how serious he wants to be seen about engaging with climate change?) The mainstream, out of necessity, is starting to take notice, but as yet it is not considered as much as it could be in the box office or prime time slots on tv.

As a filmmaker, entrepreneur and accidental activist I’ve been privileged to spend some time with extraordinary people and experience some extraordinary situations. This new collaboration with the Cygnus Community, in which we will share some of the world’s most ground-breaking and inspirational films, is no different.

If this is to be a defining moment of our lives where we make the contribution we feel we're here to make, then we must find ways to connect with and become advocates for, this new emerging reality or story that’s being born from the ashes of a broken system.

Watching and sharing these positive, life-affirming films together is one potent way to do so. I’m honoured to join this community who, in Cygnus’ own words* -“have decided to be the change, rather than wait for our politicians and multinationals to build their future for us.” As I learnt of Ann Napier’s recent passing I feel the difficult transition that Geoff, his family and the entire community must be going through. But I also feel strengthened in our joint resolve.

How can we ignore the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters, or the persecution of the earth, simply for the pursuit of profit? It's unimaginable in so many ways and as a child I never for a moment considered we'd actually have to stand up agains't a system that seems hell bent on destroying the earth we live on.

It's through participation in communities like this that we dynamise what is referred to by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone as “Active Hope”(Code: 220615 rrp £12.99 Cygnus £8.99) - a movement from passivity to positivity. The positive and loving intent behind this message is to invite you to participate in a new and ground-breaking moment.

One that Paul Hawkins, in his New York Times bestseller Blessed Unrest, (Code:171026 Cygnus £9.99 *describes as -“the largest social justice and environmental movement in the world that no one saw coming”. It’s a calling to the core of our being. A calling to connect with our “Blessed Unrest” - to be the champions of this new paradigm. This is something indigenous communities, including the Kogi, who I've had the priveledge to spend time with hope we realise before it’s too late.

It's what they refer to as our contribution to the Heart of the World, or in CG Jung's words the Anima Mundi. It’s an opportunity to rekindle the magic of life and to find solidarity through the sharing of intimate and touching films in the communities we're all a part of.

Each quarter, through this new partnership with the Cygnus Community, we plan to share with you a selection of inspirational films.