Health Practitioners

Many thousands of Cygnus Review readers are therapists or organise therapy centres. What you see is just a 'lucky dip' selection, just to whet your appetite.

We aim to overhaul this section so let me know what other information you would like to see on these entries.  

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  • Advanced Hypnosis Works - A South London-based clinical hypnotherapy practice.

  • Ask and Receive - An holistic business to help and empower people, offering courses on personal development and energy healing, alternative therapies, coaching services and family law advice for those experiencing relationship problems.

  • At The Apple Tree Hypnotherapy (Renata Bartoli, PhD) – A hypnotherapy practice offering a comprehensive choice of services for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, in English and Italian. Specialised in Regression, Weight Control, Stress Management, Abuse, Traumas, Confidence, Self-esteem, Counselling and Stop-smoking. Conveniently located in Harrow, Middlesex, Greater London.

  • Footprints from the Past: Past Life Regression – Renata Bartoli (PhD) is a highly qualified regressionist, who has trained with Dr Brian Weiss and has studied Reincarnation and spiritual disciplines for all her life. She offers 1-to-1 sessions (also via Skype) and a large range of inexpensive and uplifting workshops on Past Life Regression, Interlife Exploration, Future Life Progression; Spiritual Healing, Psychic Abilities, Soul Retrieval and much more. Check her website for details. All treatments in English and Italian. Conveniently located in Harrow, Middlesex, Greater London.

  • Colour For Life - do you ever stop and notice the colours that surround you and wonder what effect they may have on your thoughts, health and happiness? This website is designed to give you an insight into how the use of colour can help bring about changes in your life so that you may realise your greatest potential.

  • Change For Life - Maggie Pashley offers hypnotherapy, EFT, life coaching, Quantum Touch, healing, reflexology, Metamorphic Technique, shiatsu and Indian Head massage in Bradford, Leeds and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

  • Cosmic Minds - Jan Ord has been a counsellor/trainer for many years and holds seminars in communication and positive thinking using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She was trained by the Yuan Traditional Medicine College in auricular acupuncture, and works in stress management, pain relief, smoking cessation and weight loss.

  • Debbie Waller - A fully qualified hypnotherapist based in West Yorkshire.

  • Energy Gateways - Juanita is a Counsellor, Ancestral and Spirit consultant, Regression Therapist and teacher. She focuses on providing support to help heal the wounds and blocks that hold us back in life, so that the Soul's pathways are revealed and then guide us towards the goal of ultimate fulfilment.

  • Inner Centre - Polarity Energy Health, Prenatal and Birth Therapy... Deirdre Youngs, RPP, is a qualified practitioner and teacher of Polarity Therapy as well as a facilitator of Prenatal and Birth Therapy.

  • Lindy Cowling - A Professionally Registered Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist based in Wiltshire.

  • The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy - The British Institute was formed in January 1987 to bring together a group of Therapists who practise a unique system of allergy diagnosis and treatment.

  • The Loft Complementary Therapy Centre - Normanton, Yorkshire. Therapists provide aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation/relaxation, sports therapy, Swedish massage, Yoga/Power Chiyoga.

  • Reiki Pure & Simple - Linda Thornally is a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing and teaching Reiki for the last 12 years. She offers Reiki training courses in the Grimsby and Lincolnshire area and Reiki treatments from her home in Grimsby.

  • Sharon Stiles Hypnotherapy and NLP: Sharon is based in the Bristol area and offers hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP). She can also give EFT treatments over the phone.

  • Seeking Balance - May Lauder provides a range of nutrition-related services including: consultancy, presentations and workshops about health and nutrition to community groups and various organizations. 
  • Yorkshire Health A directory of complementary therapists, organic food suppliers, MBS events, health food shops, farmers' markets and related activities throughout Yorkshire.

  • The Healer Foundation The web site of the UK's leading network of therapists, providing a range of useful services to its members. More therapists are needed in several counties to meet the demand for therapy from the site's many visitors.

  • Test 4 Allergies An information site covering allergies, food intolerances, eczema, asthma, hay fever, dust mites and various allergy testing methods
  • Tania Cheslaw Therapy - A relaxing and calming approach to therapy from a leading exponent of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Tania is also a Reiki and Seichem Master and Intuitive Consultant and sees clients in London and Cambridge. Also one of the elite Psychic Sisters (Selfridges), Tania seeks to help her clients reach their full potential and see a clear way forward.
  • Health Kinesiology UK explains kinesiology and has a listing of 140 qualified therapists, case studies, general information and details of the therapy training courses.
  • Healing From The Heart - Gentle Holistic healing to ease physical and emotional pain, restoring balance to mind, body and spirit. Also, for spiritual information and links to other spiritual websites, see Timothy Pope's companion website My Circle of Light.
  • Optimum Health Balance is a kinesiology therapy. The web site explains the therapy and lists practitioners throughout the UK.
  • Sean Bradley - Therapeutic Channelling, an ancient healing art representing Divine Love and Light. The therapy is a selfless demonstration of God's love for you by enhancing positive change on every level.
  • Innerchange - Kathy Stephenson is an advanced cognitive hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner based in North Derbyshire/South Yorkshire, course leader of the Certificate of Hypnotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University, specialising in fears and phobias.
  • Ambleside Therapies, Larkhall, Lanarkshire - Experienced therapists providing counselling, hypnotherapy, meditation/relaxation, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Emotional Freedom Technique. Easy access, with flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends.
  • Natural Therapy Studio - Tara Jewell offers complementary & holistic treatments in her studio set in peaceful gardens, in a relaxing environment, a truly wonderful place for healing & treatment. Minehead, Somerset.
  • Natural Health House - Promoting relaxation and wellbeing, offering complementary and alternative therapies unique to the individual needs of clients in Ashford, Kent.
  • Rose McMurray - offers reflexology in Rowlands Castle, near Havant, Portsmouth. If you decide to undertake a course of reflexology treatments, you have made one of the best decisions of your life.
  • Liza Harwood - Unwind, escape and step into a world of complete tranquility. Nourish, nurture, revitalise and relax your body with a professional massage or Reiki treatment.
  • Lesley Harold - a qualified Reiki therapist, based in Ipswich, who believes in helping people to feel healthier and happier with their lives.
  • Wendy Lorens - An EFT Practitioner and Trainer from Penzance, in Cornwall, who has been practicing and teaching Complementary Therapies since 1985.