Joining Cygnus

You do not need to register to use the website or to order. Just start browsing our collections here. However, you may want to check out the advantages of Cygnus Membership, so read on...


 1.  Register Free for your Trial Cygnus Member and gain these benefits:

  • Three free issues of the Cygnus Review delivered to your doorstep.
  • Free downloadable back issues of the Cygnus Review
  • Your address will automatically appear at the checkout, so much faster now! 
  • We can store your alternative addresses, perfect for sending gifts to you family or friends.
  • You will be sent a link to a Free download of Cygnus treasures.  [coming soon]
  • Access to several of our podcasts  [coming soon]
  • Email newsletters with special offers, links to events and highlights.

2.  Join as a Cygnus Member  - £2.50 /month or £25 / year, £45 for 2 years, £65 for 3 years 

     (that's less than a Cappachino each month!)

  • All of the above benefits and
  • A whole year of Cygnus Reviews delivered to your doorstep
  • Full access to the Cygnus Members areas
  • Reductions to our Cygnus Partner Events, (such as Alternatives, St James, London) 
  • Invitations to Cygnus Events
  • Money for Madagascar will plant another tree and have it looked after it by local viillagers every time you order.

Join as a Cygnus Supporter    - from £5 /month £50 / year, £95 for 2 years, £140 for 3 years

When enough of you have become Cygnus Supporters we will be able to have a larger magazine and develop additional services on our website.
  • All of the above benefits and 
  • Option for voting for new titles  [coming soon]
  • Opportunity to join our reviewers circle   [coming soon]
  • Priority invitations to Cygnus Events
  • See what different amounts will enable us to do.
  • £5 / month will 
  • £10 / month will
  • £20 /month will

3.  Join as a Life Member    - £500 or more

  • £500 would enable Cygnus to send out 1000 Cygnus Reviews to centres for an issue. We normally send out 3000 each issue free of charge.
  • Replace two of our aging computers
  • Provide us with a new exhibition kit
  • Pay for over 1000 trees to be planted and looked after in Madagasgar.
  • Make a big hole in our Website bills for a month.

4.  Join as a Student of Life   - Just pay what you can  and we will send Cygnus Reviews from time to time.