We have a growing number of tasks to help the Cygnus community become more dynamic.

If you have a few hours spare, maybe you could help with a task or two?

  1. Book recommendations, with a 150 word review.  Would you like to recommend the 3 most influential books you have had from Cygnus?  [We can send you guidelines on how to write a review for Cygnus, if you want]
  2. Sowing links to Cygnus on Facebook and on websites.
  3. Be a Volunteer at events for Cygnus.
  4. Distribute Cygnus Community Review to local Therapists and holistic Centres.
  5. Help enrich the www.cygnusreview.com website.  We'd like to give you all more information about Cygnus authors their work and their books.
  6. Help developing our Shopify website. If you are familiar with advanced techniques for using Shopify, we'd be helpful for a few tips.
  7. We are looking for a young graduate that could help with both our website and develop a new Netsuite back office system.