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  • What I have gained from this free magazine is absolutely priceless.V Adika, Aylesbury, UK

  • I would just like to say 'Thank you' for your excellent customer service and fantastic book prices. I have been trying to purchase Spiritual Alchemy by Dr Christine Page.  If I had bought this book in Sydney, it would have cost me AUD $51.45. Buying the book direct from you only cost me AUD $24.00 and even better, it only took five days to travel 12,000 miles. I found this excellent book and your amazing website quite by accident, whilst searching the web for earth energies around Ayres Rock/The Olgas in Central Australia . I was really flying blind when I placed my order. I had to hope that your website was secure and my credit card was safe and you were a professional and legitimate company? A little bit nerve racking to tell the truth. I am very impressed with your efficient service. I have recommended you to all my friends, family and work colleagues in Australia and the UK . Thanks once again. Best wishes, Jill Hardy, Berowra Heights, Australia

  • I wanted to say what a brilliant company you are. There are so many fantastic books I have got from you over the years that I would never have known about if it wasn't for your brilliant magazine and website. Thanks so much. Vanessa.

  • To Cygnus
          Since I've been reading Cygnus,
           I'm not so sure how long, 
           My spirit's quite developed,
           I'd even say it's strong :-)
           All those who're involved,
           Like William, Mary, Geoff and Ann,
           Do such a wonderful job,
           For us, their fellow man.
           And I look forward, from month to month,
           in eager anticipation.
          To getting my fix from wonderful Wales,
          in the latest publication.
          So keep up the good work, you lot,
          I know there are many behind the scenes,
          I just wanted to let you know,
          What Cygnus, to me, it means.
          I could write much more,
          But my coffee break's at an end,
         And these few lines to Cygnus,
         I must click ........ and send.
         All the best, Peter Smyth, Germany

  • I LOVE CYGNUS. When I forget my heart and everything gets chaotic, the Cygnus Review lifts my heart and brings me back to the Angels. I am touched and enlivened by you and the work you do. You are a piece of gold in my muddly world. Thank you! Love and blessings, Jane, London.

  • To All at Cygnus, I've just received my third Cygnus Review. Never before have I experienced a book club who looks after its customers the way in which you do. The review and the Cygnus business ethic both generate a feel-good energy and renew my trust in business people. Also, items which I have ordered always arrive promptly, in good condition and are well wrapped. I will certainly continue using Cygnus and I genuinely wish you all the best. The universe will return your good will many times over. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiration. S.O.N, Ireland

  • Thank you for uplifting our souls through your lovely Review. Blessings and love, O.W., Leicester, UK Having discovered your brilliant website this morning I've enjoyed browsing, reading the synopses of many books and filling my shopping basket! The photographs on the pages are lovely and very much my style! Long may you continue. L Lawson, UK

  • I just wanted to say how, like so many of your customers, I look forward to and enjoy receiving the Cygnus Review. It seems particularly special to be able to receive it here in Australia ? so far away from you. Blessings to you all. Fionnuala, Australia

  • I have just got around to reading your new magazine, and just felt I HAD to send my congratulations on an excellent production. It's so warming to read your policy of trust and openness to the Universe. Up in the forefront with new technology but still in touch with the soul. R.H., Preston, UK

  • Your magazine has been a ray of light on a dull day. S.E., Worksop, UK

  • Thank you for such a wonderful magazine full of inspiration and energy. It always lifts my spirits when it arrives on my doormat. E.M., Swindon, UK

  • Every time I receive my copy of The Cygnus Review I am amazed at how spiritually uplifting it is. This is a book catalogue for heavens sake! How do you do it? I have tremendous difficulty trying to choose just a few books as practically every Review makes me feel 'yes, this is something I'd like to read/know more about'. Sometimes I can't afford to buy even one book, but the Review is there to read regardless. Thank you. J.A., Norway

  • I have been receiving The Cygnus Review for a number of years and have found the quality, range, and content of the books offered to be quite remarkable. I must single out the Review for particular praise; it is beautifully laid out and written, perhaps a little too tempting sometimes! I have taken great pleasure in watching Cygnus grow and, I hope, prosper while treating your customers as friends. C.C. Malaga, Spain

  • Thank you for your amazing magazine which has provided me with so much help on my path over the years. R.S., Chester, UK

  • It's a real joy to look through your reviews - all the subjects are so interesting and it's great to read about things one has never heard about before as well! Many thanks. S.W., Birmingham, UK

  • I thought it was time to let you know how happy I am with Cygnus, and how much I have learned from the books on offer. J.B. Isleham, UK

  • I look forward to the review every month and am thrilled by the selection of books you offer... not to mention the excellent prices! J.P. Guestling, UK

  • Cygnus is a lifeline to me. It truly is my source of inspiration. There is nowhere in close proximity which sells any books close to the topics you offer. J.L. Oldham, UK

  • I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful books you have brought to my attention in the last few years in your delightful reviews. I always enjoy your letters and pearls of wisdom. You are a great source of inspiration. J.C. Malvern, UK

  • I always look forward to your magazine arriving. There is always an interesting selection of books available, but far more than that, it's like belonging to a family and the longer reviews are often a source of blessing in their own right. S.G. Falkirk, UK

  • As a new reader I have to say I am very impressed with your magazine. I found both the Noticeboard and Chat Page novel and welcome, adding breadth and a personal touch. The general book descriptions I found to be just about right (neither having to guess what the book was about from the title, nor getting bogged down). Also the full-length features were useful, both in deciding whether to buy the book and simply as an article in its own right, again adding to the magazine feel (as opposed to just a catalogue). I hope to go on receiving The Cygnus Review for years to come. P.D., London, UK

  • Thank you for wrapping the books up so carefully. It was nice to open the envelope and see such a neat package - much appreciated! M.R., Fortrose, UK

  • What a variety and high standard you keep - and not the normal run of titles which are seen on the bookshelves. You are better than a library for me. J.S. Chesterfield, UK

  • I have recently moved to Spain. Yesterday I sat in the sunshine reading the review from cover to cover listening to the waves in the background, sipping my cafe con leche. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon and I wanted to thank you for such an interesting read. Maggie Jackson, Spain