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108 MYSTICS Carl McColman

by: Cygnus Book Club

108 Mystics celebrates the many types of mystics, visionaries, wisdom keepers and non-dualists whose spiritual insights and perceptive teachings have illuminated our understanding of the world in the last two thousand years. This powerful collection of teachings shows how the spiritual masters of the Western tradition provide a variety of paths into the transforming heart of God. They are divided into 9 categories: Visionaries Confessors Lovers Poets Saints Heretics Wisdom Keepers Soul Friends Unitives This extraordinary collection, which features the likes of C.S.

Lewis, St. Francis of Assisi, Simone Weil, Bede Griffiths, Hildegard of Bingen and Brother Lawrence, will give you insights into sages you already love and will open you up to discover wonderful new mystics to illumine your way.