365 WAYS TO FIND PEACE by Marcus Braybrooke

by: Marcus Braybrooke

"However storm-tossed our life’s voyage might seem to us, there is always, in the depths of our inner being, a source of calm – if we only know how to find it.” Like with the other 365 titles, this handy book is designed to give you a new exercise every day to help you find inner peace and calm your mind. Finding peace and meaning to life can be a huge challenge, but this book takes you through a simple daily practice to help you explore spirituality. This title is perfect for the spiritual explorer who does not prescribe to a particular religion or belief system. It is filled with poems and extracts from sacred texts that will gently open your heart and illuminate the path to peace and contentment in your life.

208pp, 197 x 130 mm, Paperback, 2019