50 AND FABULOUS by Jaki Scarcello

by: Jaki Scarcello

Some women dread their 50th birthday, fearing it's their farewell to good times and good looks. Others accept each age for the joy and insight it brings: these are the fabulous females Jaki Scarcello calls ?Women of the Harvest. They embrace 50+ with a liberating optimism and energy.


With wisdom and wit, Scarcello shows how changing our attitude toward aging can bring about a virtuous circle of rejuvenation. Her exhaustive research entailed interviews conducted in five countries, as well as her own personal experiences with women who have blossomed in their 50's and remained in blossom long after. She offers advice on boosting confidence, feeling sexy again, changing your life and re-embracing your femininity


Eye-opening and spirit-enhancing, this heartfelt book should be read by every woman no matter what her age.

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