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A Journey with Sacred Oils CD

by: Felicity Warner

On this meditation CD, Felicity Warner, renowned myrrhophore and soul midwife, guides you through a deep healing journey to connect with the essence of 20 sacred oils including Elemi, Holy Basil and Palo Santo. These meditations are designed to help you connect with the ancient myrrhophore temple teachings through the lineage of Mary Magdalene. Each oil has specific properties, and has been used for thousands of years to connect with the Divine.

Through the meditations, you will: - attune to the frequency of each oil - heal your soul wounds and strengthen your spirit - access sacred knowledge and past-life information - gain knowledge of temple traditions For anyone seeking to deepen their sacred work, this CD is a vital tool. The secret of the oils is known to only a handful of masters on Earth - and now, to you as well. 'A healer of extraordinary power, Felicity Warner shares her considerable knowledge with warmth and love.' - Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible