A SPELL A DAY by Tree Carr

by: Tree Carr

Tree Carr, an expert in the realms of dreams, divination and esoteric magic, has brought together 365 simple rituals, spells and enchantments to enrich our lives and help us to discover new powers. The spells combine the arts of potions, rituals, lucid dreams, herb magic, candle magic, planetary magic, crystal magic, incantations, ceremonies, divinations, tarot readings and so much more, making this the first book of its kind to bring together multiple realms of magic for the everyday into one place. Gorgeously illustrated throughout, the spells within this book are easy to do, inexpensive, practical and offer profound insight and power. A lot of them are pretty simple but I have the feeling you could treat this like a book of days where the spells get you into a holistic and magical way of being and even shift your life on to a different set of tracks.

336pp, 185 x 130 mm, Hardback, 2023, RRP £16.99