AGAINST USURY Robert van de Weyer

by: Robert Van De Weyer

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Usury ª… the practice of lending money with interest ª… has been denounced for centuries by spiritual leaders who condemned it as the prime cause of economic and social injustice. Yet here we are, in 2012, pretty much enslaved by the banks and other money lenders, having only recently been the helpless victims of the biggest heist in history. In this eloquent and engaging book, Robert van de Weyer argues that usury is the fundamental cause of the crises we face today: economic, ecological and welfare. He offers practical proposals as to how usury may be reduced or eliminated, showing that the solution to each crisis depends on solving the others. If you wish to see a banking system that is stable and which channels funds efficiently to businesses; if you wish to see a higher proportion of our wealth go to educating the young and caring for the sick and elderly; if you wish to see a major increase in research into clean forms of energy production in order to limit climate change, then we advise you to read this book, and spread the word as widely as possible!
112pp, 138mm x 212mm, Paperback, 2010

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