by: Dr Leo Galland

Allergies are this author’s specialty, in his working life he has stumbled across them everywhere, some obvious, some obscure. This comprehensive look at the modern phenomenon of allergies will appeal to all those suffering from symptoms the doctors can’t seem to pin down. Dr Galland describes some of the many cases he has treated, like the rock musician who developed an allergy to the nickel in his guitar strings, the nightshade allergy where a combination of aubergine, tomato and tobacco hospitalised a woman. Close study of this book might lead one to see allergies everywhere, responsible for everything that’s wrong with us, but read with a balanced approach it offers a tremendous amount of useful information. Everyone can benefit from working to achieve a more balanced immunity through attention to nutrition and lifestyle, especially those plagued with asthma, eczema, sinusitis and other classic symptoms of allergic reaction.

Paperback, 352pp, 2016