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ANATOMY IN ACTION by Thoedore Dimon Jr.

by: Theodore Dimon Jr

What does knowledge of anatomical structure have to do with preventing everyday muscular aches, pains, and injuries? According to Dr. Theodore Dimon, everything!

Our bodies are designed to work holistically, supported by an intelligently organized system of muscles, bones, and connective tissue. So when we target problem spots by stretching, relaxing, or strengthening individual muscles, we bypass the dynamic, interconnected network that enables healthy functioning and injury prevention. Understanding how this system works in action is the key.

In this groundbreaking guide, Dr. Dimon describes the basic principles that govern our bodies' musculoskeletal architecture and provides practical exercises to activate specific muscle groups and demonstrate our bodies' efficient holistic function.

Readers will learn about dynamic design and the body in action, including:

  • How the musculoskeletal system works as a whole.
  • The relationship between proprioception and muscle length
  • About maximizing spinal, shoulder, hip, arm, and leg stability and health
  • The important role of breath and breathing
  • About posture and musculoskeletal support

With more than 300 illustrations, this is an ideal resource for students and practitioners of kinesiology, bodywork, movement, sport kinesiology, dance, and all readers searching for a dynamic guide to the human body.