ANCESTRAL MAGIC by Kirsten Riddle

by: Kirsten Riddle

Ancestral magic as a practice is something that is easy to relate to. No one can object, as far as I can see, to living a better life now, inspired by people who went before us, and creating a poetic connection to them. This book is strong on creating an altar, finding out stories about ancestors and looking at the beliefs that used to predominate within a family, but it also describes having an ancestral guide and rituals to contact ancestors. It depends how far you want to take it. Chapters include Ancestral Karma and How to Work with It and What’s Your Family Totem and Other Talismans. This is one of those lovely larger-format Cico titles with flaps and plentiful colour illustrations, all for a very reasonable price.

144pp, 236 x 195 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99