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by: Angela Mcgerr

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Bestselling angel author, Angela McGerr, brings together the many aspects of working with angels in one beautiful and practical volume designed for all those wishing to work with angels on a daily basis. Based around the angelic year, the almanac is packed full of useful, interesting and inspirational angel information. The Angel Almanac contains a wealth of advice from the angels on how to work with them, how to contact them, and how to align your own vibration to theirs using sacred geometry, colour healing, angel alphabets, numerology and the Cabbala Tree of Life connection. The accompanying CD offers angelic meditations for harmony and balance, on meeting your guardian angel and oneness with all, guiding you to find your true self in the Crystal Temple of Colour Healing, and introducing sacred breathing. Travel the way of love and light in this heart and soul quest that helps you to open your higher heart and find true physical and spiritual harmony.
256pp, 160mm x 210mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2010


The Angel Almanac is a book about life transformation and healing with the wisdom of angels (also known as angelology). To travel the Way of Love and Light is a quest through this and many other lifetimes; this quest contains two aspects: heart and soul. The objective of this almanac is to aid you to travel further on the Way of Love and Light by pursuing your personal Heart Quest (self-healing and opening higher heart); this is linked to your Soul Quest (finding true physical and spiritual harmony: Oneness with All). The book is intended to be inspirational and instructional, as well as providing a practical reference guide to angeology for all those wishing to work daily with angels. The Angel Almanac is in three parts as follows. 

PART ONE: THE ANGELIC YEAR is filled with topical channellings containing advice from a host of angels, combined with angelology instruction. This is designed to inspire you to set one or more true heart's desire or life change that you want to accomplish during the year, and actually work towards achieving it. Angels are always around us, but most of us cannot see them as their vibration is so much higher than our own. As you deepen your angelic connection you will increasingly sense their energy in your heart, hands and atmosphere around you. When angels leave our presence a kind of 'wing print' remains, an essence of Love and Light. If you act on the angels' advice, your heart will be lifted, your spirit healed, by this essence. 

The Angelic Year traces the ancient symbol of the Wheel of Life. As it travels through Raphael's eight solar festivals of the year that you can work with angels every day, including the rulers of elemental alchemy to self-heal physically (Heart Quest) and spiritually (Soul Quest).

You can address key issues with Ophaniel and Gabriel by exploring the potential of the 28 Mansions of the Moon. By year's end you will have gradually become a true conduit for angelic energy as you link to All Above (Heaven) and All Below (Earth). The Angelic Year is undated, so it can be used year after year. This will continuously deepen your understanding and levels of working with angels.
PART TWO: WORKING WITH YOUR GUARDIAN ANGELS enables your to gain and build the necessary knowledge to be able to invite your relevant guardian angels - day of birth, zodiac, elemental, Quinary Star angel and personal guardian angel (on the CD) - into daily life: a truly life-transforming step. 

PART THREE: ANGELIC HEALING FOR HEART AND SOUL is for self-healing and helping to heal others. Here, you will find information on colour and chakra healing, Ascension, an introduction to sacred geometry, the Cabbala Tree of Life, the Malachim angel alphabet as well as an A-Z of angels and their guardianships. 

CD: Working daily with the angels is the key to deepening your personal angelic connection and the three meditations I voice on the CD in this book will also assist with this. Accompanied by Chas Cronk's lovely music, the first (with Cassiel) helps you to find your personal guardian angel and begin to experience Oneness with All. The second meditation (with Melchisadec and Ithuriel) is about healing and balance, moving you towards true self in the etheric Crystal Temple. Then there is guidance on Sacred Breathing to enhance energy work before the third meditation in which Pistus Sophia and other angels offer an angelic rout to Oneness within thee heart (Unity Consciousness and universal harmony. 

As those of you who have read my other works will know, the philosophy of angelology contained in them is drawn from ancient wisdom, combined with modern information with which the angels have favoured me. Depictions of winged messengers are as ancient as the oldest of glyphs (Sumerian clay cylinder seals over 7,000 years old). The philosophy of angelology is c2,000 years old and linked to the Essenes, who believed that to work with angels every day was to find spiritual and physical harmony. So, angelology is the study of angels and harmony, but what exactly are angels? My own view is that angels can manifest in any form, from humanoid to geometric shapes or twinkling clouds of energy. In the early days, they did appear to me in meditation as humanoid form. I feel this is because they knew that at this time I would not otherwise recognise them. But in reality I believe they are Spiritus Dei - the Love and Light breath of the Creator. Light is of course also connected with colour and shades of colour; the higher the vibration the paler the colour, with the Seraphim (highest group of angels) at the pure, clear diamond vibration. 

We need to raise (and keep raising) our own vibration to sense angels more easily. In this book we do that by self-healing, clearing blocks and gradually increasing our sophistication in how we connect with the angels. The first real connection (Heart Quest) is through healing and opening the higher heart with Love; this is the Love Factor. On the Soul Quest, as our vibration rises further, we can work with higher and higher groups of angels, until finally we can hold Angelic Light within our own higher heart. This, the Light Factor, means we can reach through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate to connect with the highest angelic realms of all: Seraphim, Star Angels of Creation, aiding our Personal and Planetary Ascension. 

Why not start right now? Let the angels become your friends. Work with them every day and you will find yourself moving further on the Way of Love and Light. The choice is yours; Love is the Key. 

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