ANGEL ANSWERS by Diana Cooper

by: Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper's Angel Inspiration [Code: 100501, ?6.50] has helped thousands of people to learn to work with their guardian angel. Now, in Angel Answers, she sets out the angelic understanding of some of life's most challenging problems. From cosmic questions such as the significance of the year 2012 and spiritual dilemmas such as how to understand death, to family matters like how to offer spiritual assistance to troubled teens or cope with caring for an elderly parent, the angels have a huge amount to offer us. Their support and wisdom is channelled here in an inspirational handbook of help from the angelic realm. This is essential reading for anyone who has ever wondered about their spiritual purpose or longed for an answer from a higher perspective.
320pp, 130mm x 197mm, Paperback, 2008

Guardian Angels
When does the guardian angel connect to a newborn baby?
The child's guardian angel is present at the birth and connects to its charge immediately afterwards. In most cases it has watched over the baby throughout the pregnancy.

Does the same guardian angel stay with you through your life?

Does the same guardian angel stay with you throughout all your lives?
A guardian angel is allocated to you for each lifetime, depending on your level of spiritual growth. Because your angel evolves as you do, you may have the same familiar being to watch over you in several consecutive lives.

What do guardian angels do?
They hold the divine blueprint for your life, which contains your highest possible potential. They constantly remind you of it. In addition they comfort you when you are sad, sing to you when you need solace, make sure you meet the right people at the appropriate time and save you if it is not your time to die. They take your prayers up to God and act as intermediaries between you and God when this is necessary.

Must I ask for help?
Oh yes. Because you have free will, your guardian angel cannot help unless you ask for it. They can whisper to you and hope you take their guidance, but they cannot step in to assist you without your permission.

Should I say thank you?
Of course. As above, so below. Angels love to be appreciated just as you do, and thanks which are sincerely offered open the gates of abundance. Just send out a little thank you when you realise they have helped you. It is even more powerful to thank them when you ask for something because it demonstrates your faith that help is forthcoming.

How can your guardian angel help you?
Your guardian angel can meet you in your dreams and offer you guidance that is easier to hear than in your waking state! You probably will not consciously remember these meetings, but the messages will have registered. If you are open and ready it can give you spirit healing or can direct you to the perfect healer. It can take messages from you to someone else's guardian angel, with the aim of ameliorating a relationship or situation. Your angel constantly brings you comfort and enfolds you in love. It can protect you from harm and, if it is not your time to die, save you from an untimely end.

Does it help if I tell the angels what is wrong?
No. When you focus on what is wrong, the angels can do nothing to help. You are picturing what you do not want and the universe interprets this as an instruction. It is most helpful to create a vision of your desired outcome and describe it to the angels. Always add the prayerful proviso that you only want that which is for the highest good. This statement allows the angels to disregard your request if there is something better envisaged for you.

Can your guardian angel bring you love?
If you ask and, more important, if you are truly ready, your guardian angel will arrange for you to meet the love of your life.

Can your guardian angel physically save your life?

Yes. Many a person has been physically saved through the intervention of their angel. The being of light can also synchronise events so tha the doctor you need is present at the moment of crisis, a passerby has a first-aid kit or you are thrown clear of an accident and land softly. It can help you in a million other ways.

Molly was cycling down the road when a car sped roung the corner and hit her bike. The impact threw her high into the air. Suddenly she found herself floating down in slow motion. She landed so softly that there was not even a bruise. She was completely unhurt and none of the witnesses to the accident could believe what they saw. Molly is convinced her guardian angel held and protected her.

What if I don't listen to my guardian angel?

If you do not listen, you may miss the opportunities available to you or let your life go off at a tangent. It is when you are quiet and still that your guardian angel can drop guidance into your mind. It comes as a thought or idea, so take time for contemplation and rest so that it can come through.

Do guardian angels get angry with their charges?
Guardian angels have infinite patience and radiate only love. Anger is a human emotion.

Do people have just one guardian angel?
Yes, you have only one guardian angel, though other angels often work with you. You also have guides and helpers.

Do other angels also surround you?
When you start to work with the angels, more than one may be attracted to your energy. Then, as you direct the angels to help someone in need, you become the bridge of light through which they can enter the other person's energy field. Some people are surrounded by hundreds of angels.

Where do angels come from?

They come from the heart of God.

Have angels ever been humans?
Angels are pure spirit and have not had a physical incarnation. The only beings of the angelic hierarchy who do their spiritual work in a body are some of the dolphins. A very few ineffably evolved, heart-centred beings like Mother Mary belong to the angelic as well as the human realms.

From Angel Answers, ?2008 by Diana Cooper, published by Hodder Mobius.