by: Karen Wallace Et Al

When you're little there's nothing better to help you drift off into a blissful night's sleep than to be 'tucked in' warm and cosy and then share a bedtime story. This delicious collection of tales and adventures introduces the angels' loving energy and their powers of guidance and protection. Discover a world of amazing characters: circus stars, princes and princesses, a mysterious cowboy, a magical flying horse, a kind monkey and lots more. Each tale cleverly introduces the value of a loving and generous quality, such as compassion, honesty, self-esteem and gratitude and is accompanied by simple affirmations that draw out its positive messages. The stories are also a gentle introduction to meditation and visualization, as they call you to relax and imagine together. With bright and colourful pictures, too, Angels at Bedtime is sure to become a family favourite. Age 6+
144pp, 190mm x 240mm, illus in colour, hardback, 2011