by: Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper has been a leading voice on ascension for over 30 years and
this new tool for accessing spiritual gifts will be welcomed by many. Animals,
birds, insects, fish, reptiles all have a soul purpose. Like humans they are
here to experience life on the physical plane. Each brings a unique insight
guided by the angelic realms and imparted to us telepathically. These cards
bring messages from creatures who are here to guide and assist us. They can
give an answer to a specific question or more general guidance depending on
the spread chosen. The accompanying booklet expands the message of each
card. The cards are painted in soft colours with creature portraits. When a
card is chosen we learn which angel is working through this creature and the
guidance that is offered when we choose it. Help comes from all parts of the
animal kingdom, from tiny ants who value cooperation and family to the strong
courage of the rhinoceros.
160pp, 44 cards, 139 x 101 mm, Boxed Set, 2019
Code: 290108