by: Diana Cooper

The Orbs are part of a massive movement in the spiritual hierarchy to help the ascension of our planet and everyone on her, explains Diana Cooper. Bringing in a wealth of new material on spirit guides, the angelic hierarchy, the powers and the Lords of Karma, the chakras and the archangels as well as the Ascended Masters, Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell's brand new book, Ascension through Orbs, explains the meaning and importance of the Orbs in a much wider context than in Enlightenment through Orbs [181206]. The book features forty eight orb photographs with extensive notes, plus meditations, affirmations, visualisations and exercises to enable you to experience and absorb the energy of the Orbs more fully and thus accelerate your own ascension path. Through Ascension through Orbs you will learn how to access your past life wisdom to use on your ascension pathway; how to develop your intuition, higher psychic and spiritual gifts. Awaken your heart, expand your mind and allow the Orbs to take you to higher levels of awareness and ascension.
240pp, 152mm x 230mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2009

When I updated A New Light on Ascension to include the latest information available, it was a foundation for ascension, which still holds true. In Ascension Through Orbs I expand this by providing new and exciting in-depth material about the twelve chakras, which will help your spiritual energy centres to evolve. I add up to date news about the spiritual hierarchy and the most advanced energies available to assist your own journey, as well as meditations and exercises. Most important of all we show you certain Orbs which will accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension. Every Orb in this book offers an activation and access to higher energies.

But I think the most exciting new development for this book has been the ascended masters who are showing themselves. These are the great beings we are trying to emulate, those who have walked the ascension path before us. As we look at them in their angel Orbs, we can absorb their light and wisdom, and this assists our spiritual growth very much. We have published some of their pictures in Ascension Through Orbs and I hope you will enjoy looking at their faces, learning about them and expanding your consciousness through them.

The more people who ascend, the easier it is for others to follow in their footsteps. At this time many wise beings have reincarnated to walk with us and show us the way. It may be that you are one of them.

Ascension Through Orbs will open you up to who you truly are, so that you can be a light bearer to lead others up the spiritual mountain to ascension.

There is currently a massive movement on the part of the spiritual hierarchy to help the ascension of the planet and everyone on her. The Orbs are a huge part of this, so please awaken and expand your mind and allow them to take you to higher levels of awareness and ascension.

When Kathy and I wrote Enlightenment Through Orbs , we felt we were being taken on an extraordinary consciousness expanding experience. Nothing would seem the same again. However, Ascension Through Orbs has extended and solidified this. Once more we have been offered wonderful explanations by Mother Mary, Kumeka, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Roquiel and Uriel, the Seraphim Seraphina and Wywyvsil, a Lord of Karma, which have not just added to our knowledge but made sense of a wider spectrum of universal truth. There is only one thing we can say to the Spiritual Hierarchy and that is, 'Thank you.'

From Ascension Through Orbs, ?2008 by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, published by Findhorn Press.