by: Diana Cooper

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Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell take you on an amazing inner journey, guiding you through eight meditations, asking you to focus each time on a colour photograph of an Orb in the accompanying booklet. Diana takes you to meet an angel of love to fill your heart with joy, compassion, happiness and love and then Archangel Chamuel will connect you to the cosmic heart. She leads a blue Orb meditation with Archangels Michael and Uriel, with a unicorn and the Master El Morya. You can then receive a boost on your ascension pathway, and visit the Great Pyramid, to bring forward information from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria. With Kathy you will access the light of many Archangels, to receive a total trust in your divine connection, ancient universal wisdom, and the desire to access your past life wisdom, the protection to do so and the wisdom to use it for your ascension pathway.
2 CD set, 8 tracks, total running time 1hr 40mins, 2009

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