by: Ana Leo

Back for its fourth year in English, this diary is as fun and spectacular as ever. It contains all the astrological information you will ever need as well as daily guidance, beautiful illustrations and full-page frontispieces for each lunar month in both the western and the Hebrew traditions. This year’s diary has more interactive features than ever at the crossover of astrology and natural magic, with spells and rituals for you to try at home, like the sacred altar ritual, as well as tarot information, horoscopes and customizable astral charts. There’s also plenty of room to write in. There are full-page illustrations in gold and plenty of space to set intentions for each month. It brings lunar wisdom into your day to day, with life-coaching tools and tips each week. The planner is divided by sign, showing how the sun’s movement through the zodiac affects everyone’s energies, whatever their sun sign.

296pp, 210 x 148 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99