by: David Kundtz

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Awakened Mind offers a wise collection of more than a hundred meditations and teaching stories to help you live in an awakened and more spiritually sensitive way. As the Navajo proverb says, 'When we are pretending to be asleep, no one can awaken us.' David Kundtz gives us the guidance we need to stop the pretending and 'awaken' ourselves. He considers how we can bring an open, awakened and peaceful mind to issues such as gratitude, creativity, our emotional lives, our differences, health, spirituality and family lives, and shows us how living in a state of awareness about the reality that always exists in front of our faces, under our noses, or just below the surface of every moment, is one sure way to live life more fully and joyfully.
320pp, 127mm x 175mm, Paperback, 2009

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