by: Charlotte Tomaino

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Neuroscience is now revealing how an understanding of the way the brain functions is actually a crucial key to many of the steps we attempt to climb on the path of spiritual liberation. Charlotte Tomaino - a neurophsychologist and ex-nun - is uniquely placed to show us how our beliefs and spirituality impact the actual structure and function of the brain, and how we can awaken the brain by learning to step back in our awareness from the events of the moment so as to be able to perceive and react to them them in an awakened, or ‘enlightened’ way. She shows us how our actual brain physiology will then change to open us to new, healing experiences, feelings and perceptions. Charlotte has helped hundreds of patients develop practical solutions for the loss of brain function due to trauma and she tells many of these amazing stories in this book. If you want to discover the amazing latent powers of your brain and gain the clearest understanding yet of how you can live up to your full potential, you should read this book.