BEFORE I GO by Jane Duncan Rogers

by: Jane Duncan Rogers

All of us will need at some point to prepare for death, be it our own or the
death of someone we are close to. This book, by a life and death coach who
lives within the Findhorn community in Scotland, offers emotional and
practical guidance for the end of life process. It can be such a complicated
and demanding journey and this will help us to feel more comfortable about it,
so that we can get on with the joy of living now, in this moment. It’s a serious
issue but Jane deals with it using lightness and humour. The book is also
packed full of resources, including downloadable worksheets and supportive
online courses. She has been doing this work for over 25 years, and this
includes her experience caring for her beloved husband Philip, as he made
the transition into death.

192pp, 152 x 227 mm, Paperback, 2018

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