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by: Nikki Mackay

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Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do, what might be affecting your choices, reactions and behaviour? In Between the Lines, Nikki Mackay invites you to take an intuitive walk through your family tree to uncover the secrets and be guided through the influence of your family and ancestors. She explains how family members, their interactions with each other, their intricate webs of connection and entanglement, create behavioural patterns that are often less than beneficial. Much is forgotten or suppressed within a family, she says, and these unseen, unspoken secrets have a habit of making themselves heard one way or another further down the family line: you carry the memory and soul of those that have gone before you. Now, by tracing these ancestral patterns through the fascinating process of family constellation and historical mediumship you can bring what was repressed and hidden in to the light, to move forward and heal.
126pp, 140mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2012

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