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BHAGAVAD GITA by W.J. Johnson (trans.)

by: W.J. Johnson

The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Hindu text telling the story of the warrior Arjuna - who represents the human soul on the battlefield of life - and what he learns from his divine teacher, Krishna. Spiritually transforming, it begins with a strong plea to shed all anxiety and grief so that, with a carefree, untroubled mind, one can commence a dynamic spiritual practice. This leads to liberation from attachment to the earthly self or ego, which veils the full power of the Divine Self within each one of us. Chapter by chapter, the Gita reveals a step-by-step process leading to this Enlightenment. It is like a beautiful symphony, melodiously unfolding until it reaches the grand coda of spiritual freedom, profound inner peace and unconditional love.

128pp, 197 x 128 mm, Paperback, 2008, RRP £5.99