by: Robert Feather

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Though widely regarded as the most significant archeological discovery of the 20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls are still an enigma. A small group of scholars have control over access to the originals and have kept much of their contents a closely guarded secret. Why? Robert Feather uncovers a shocking conspiracy and answers many important questions: Why were the Scrolls found in desert caves in clay jars? Why was the Qumran community isolated from the rest of society? Where did the Scrolls come from, particularly the Copper Scroll with its strange ancient 'Egyptian' markings? What is the meaning of all the references to Egypt? Although this book deals with the era of Jesus and, before that, the ancient pharaohs, it comes right up-to-date with coverage of current tensions in the field of biblical and archaeological studies and disclosures that could shake the foundations of belief in all three monotheistic religions.

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