by: Sue Minns

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In the spiritual marketplace a bewildering array of wares is offered to shift your vibration, sort your relationships, raise your kundalini or take you to the next dimension before That Date arrives on your calendar. But, says Sue Minns, we aren »®t going anywhere until we've arrived here! Bodies and Souls is her down-to-earth guide for the human experience. The Gnostics, who were (and are) the holders of the ancient, perennial wisdom, knew that the only way to truly » Know »® was through personal, direct experience, and that is the place from which this book is written. So, whether you feel led to being a psychic, channeller or healer, whether you »®re interested in the shaman »®s path and sacred plant medicine, or cosmic clocks, astral travel, crystals, angels and spirit guides, or whether it »®s the body »®s mind or (most importantly) the Heart »®s intelligence that concerns you, this book will guide you to your own knowing.
196pp, 136mm x 210mm, Paperback, 2101

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