CALM CURE by Sandy Newbigging

by: Sandy C Newbigging

As I mentioned, I had the pleasure of attending the talk that Sandy gave in April at the Tree of Life Conference. It was based on this, his brand new book. Even though within his spiritual tradition he is a monk, this book is firmly “feet on the ground”, and as practical and scientific as CBT. It asks the big one: What is the purpose of life? What are we actually supposed to be doing, right here and now? An obvious answer might be “experiencing as much of life as possible”, but that’s something we have to do in the now. Meanwhile the common refrain is “I will make a start on being happy once I have done this…or that”. We often feel we have to clear the decks first, instead of aligning with the reality of life as it is. And then we can lapse into stasis, disempowered by inner conflict. We are attached to one thing but there is conflict because there’s an opposing force of resistance to what we would rather avoid. The key to enjoying life, just as it is, is to resolve that conflict, and you will find the answer to that in this sharply focused and practical book.

208pp, 127 x 178 mm, Paperback, 2017