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CAMEL CRAZY by Christina Adam

by: Christina Adams

This book is truly fascinating - Christina Adams is the award-winning author of the memoir A Real Boy, the story of her autistic son and how she fought to give him the chance of leading a full life. In this new book she is a mother on a mission to obtain the camel milk which has dramatically reduced her son’s autism symptoms.  We follow her on this journey through the Middle East to Amish country, and in the process we learn about and grow to love these gentle and responsive animals.  She meets their keepers, and from their varied and diverse backgrounds we learn how important these animals are to indigenous cultures around the world and how they represent freedom to these pastoralists. The author certainly makes a compelling case for the benefits of camel milk – read it and find out for yourself.

304pp, 226 x 170 mm, Paperback, 2019.



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