by: Thomas Seyfried

Thomas Seyfried, a biochemical geneticist who has studied cancer since the early 1980s, wrote this book because of the lack of progress in either managing or preventing cancer. He has observed that cancer is not at root a genetic disease, but is primarily a metabolic disease, which can therefore be treated by changing our metabolism through diet, drugs, exercise and so on. He has found that all cancers, whatever their origin, manifest the same metabolic characteristics, so that the majority of cancers can be targeted by the same techniques. He says that many current cancer treatments exacerbate tumour cell energy metabolism, which explains why so many people die of the disease, which eventually goes out of control. He says that the view of cancer as a genetic disease has compounded the problem, and if the majority of oncologists would come to view cancer as a metabolic illness with metabolic solutions, more humane and successful treatments would be found. The information in this book could already save lives, even without oncologists on board, which is why we are offering it to you.

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