CELL-LEVEL HEALING Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

by: Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

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There is a bridge between ordinary reality and spiritual reality that provides access to luminous meditation, healing energy, and wisdom. This bridge reaches directly into the units of life in the physical body: the cells. So, emotional, mental and spiritual feelings can have a profound and positive impact on our bodies at this cellular level. In Cell-Level Healing, Joyce Whiteley Hawkes shows how to use your thoughts to change the functioning of your cells to repair and renew the body. She empowers you by placing the skills necessary for healing into your own hands. Learn how to explore the paths linking Soul to Cells and discover the bridges to healing that stretch from your soul to your emotions and through your mind, to the teeming mass of your cells, bringing peace and vitality, joy and health.
175pp, 142mm x 196mm, illus. in colour, hardback, 2006, RRP ?14.99

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