by: Richard Brennan

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Would you like a relaxed, yet upright posture, beautiful balance and graceful coordination? Richard Brennan conveys a simple message that your posture directly affects your body's overall functioning and has a major influence on how you think and feel. Poor posture can even adversely affect the position and functioning of your vital organs and causes more health problems than you realize. Indeed, many people with chronic pain can trace their problems to years of faulty postural habits. Change Your Posture, Change Your Life explains what the Alexander Technique is, how it works and how you can use it to release muscle tension and improve your own posture and that of your family. Its many benefits also include pain alleviation, better overall health, reduced stress and increased happiness. Brennan also explores the effects of external factors, such as chairs and shoes, on our posture. This is the perfect introduction to implementing the benefits of posture consciousness.
192pp, 152mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2012