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by: Feroze Dada

Children of the Revolution is a book of converging worlds. In it you discover the very human weave of courage, perseverance and vision, woven with a delightful touch of humour and surprise. It also has the beguiling pattern of a journey unfolding.

And as it unfolds, you learn. And you are inspired. Children of the Revolution, by Feroze Dada, is a story which begins with a chance meeting at a family gathering in Burma (Myanmar) with a freedom fighter from the Pa'O region in the northeast of the country, and which then takes you on to a monastery on the shores of beautiful Inle Lake in Shan State.

There, at the Buddhist monastery of Phaya Taung, the head monk Phongyi is passionately caring for and teaching more than 600 orphaned and refugee children of the revolutionary wars. You discover that both the freedom fighter and the Buddhist monk are in their different ways forces of nature, or men of action, and while you learn about their lives, you also find the human goodness that shines in the darkness of war, and you witness the path of the dhamma in the world. You cannot fail to be encouraged by Phongyi's example to `go beyond one's imagination because there is no limit'.

But at the same time, another story is unfolding, and that is the journey of self-discovery of Feroze Dada, who moves with his Burmese wife MuMu between his metropolitan western life and Taunggyi in the northeast of Burma, where her family live, and in doing so finds a new reality and purpose. Feroze is a man of action too, as you will discover. And he has written an inspirational story which is all the more powerful when you consider that his reasons for making the journey are literally a world away from what transpired.

There are no accidents, the law of karma tells us, but we're not the sole cause of our experiences either.