CIVILIZATION ONE Christopher Knight

by: Christopher Knight

This is the amazing story of how a quest to try to crack the mystery of the Megalithic Yard - an ancient unit of linear measurement - led to the discovery of compelling evidence pointing to the existence of an unknown, highly advanced culture which was the precursor to the earliest known civilizations such as the Sumerians and the Egyptians. Knight and Butler reveal the secrets of an extraordinary integrated measuring system which might have been lost to the world forever. It was a system far more advanced than anything used today, which forms the basis of both the Imperial and Metric measure systems! It seems that ancient scientists understood the dimensions, motions and relationships of the Earth, Moon and Sun, and even understood how the speed of light was integrated into the movements of our planet. Their conclusions fly in the face of everything that we thought we knew about the origins of the modern world - but the evidence is incontrovertible.