by: Radleigh Valentine

If you are confused by all the books on different ways to connect with divine
guidance, this volume brings together a spectrum of magical paths leading to
that goal. All methods require some common approaches such as a peaceful
environment and a calm state of mind. Beyond that each chapter looks at
different ways of working from astrology to mantras. Do you personally relate
more easily to angels or fairies? Which tarot deck speaks most powerfully to
you? Each method of communication has its advantages according to
personal preference. At the end of each chapter the author gives his own take
on the subject. He knows and loves them all. He advises that astrology needs
a deep level of study and a mentor, pendulums are perhaps the easiest tool,
tarot cards merely mirror one’s own divine intuition. Easy to read and
comprehensive, a good addition to the bookshelf.
Code: 290112