CRANFORD Elizabeth Gaskell

by: Elizabeth Gaskell

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Welcome to Cranford, a town just-on-the-edge-of-things in 1840s Britain. Delightfully painted with local colour, the domestic atmosphere draws you in until you know the community like your own family. The concerns of Mary Smith are those that anyone might have, such as financial worries and friendships, but through the social struggles, a deep humanity is found at the heart of the story. Just as you get to know a friend better, so do we learn to sympathise with the Cranford women, and Elizabeth Gaskell's inclusive tone allows us to re-evaluate how we see our own society, addressing it with the new values she presents to us. Wonderfully evocative, with beautiful characterisation, wit and warmth, the Cranford experience is one which has already been discovered and cherished by many - a must-read for anyone who appreciates the simple things in life!
530pp, 128mm x 192mm, Paperback, 2010

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