by: Golnaz Alibagi

This full-colour hardback isn’t deep or heavy and it doesn’t have any major
new discoveries or profound esoteric techniques. It is however full of amazing
photographs and enthusiastic tips and ideas for enhancing your life in all sorts
of ways using crystals and precious stones. In his praise for the book, Kyle
Gray says that it has “spiritual remedies for every situation” and these include
smoky quartz for positivity at work, carnelian for motivation and red garnet for
sensual passion. It’s a book for beginners, an ideal gift to someone just
starting to explore crystals and stones, and as a £9.99 colour hardback it is
fantastic value, and an amazing launchpad into a magical new world.
144pp, 180 x 218 mm, Hardback, 2018, RRP £9.99
Code: 290101