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DANCING WITH BEES by Brigit Strawbridge Howard

by: Brigit Strawbridge Howard

Bees. Where to begin? Earth is home to some twenty thousand species of bee. We are all hugely reliant on bees as the pollinators of our crops. And yet there’s little widespread understanding of how the tiny bees are such integral parts of our ecosystem. For Brigit Strawbridge Howard, the realization of her disconnection with bees and nature literally stopped her in her tracks and would lead her on a journey to rediscovering a natural world that had been lost to her for decades. This provocative memoir will show you the impact of even the tiniest being on our earth and inspire you to rekindle your own relationship with the friendly bee. It’s a beautiful and timely read that everyone could benefit from.

304pp, 235 x 160 mm, paperback, 2020

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