by: Stephen Cope

There have been relatively few explorations of the spiritual side of friendship but this book (previously in hardback as Soul Friends) more than makes up for it with its collection of stories and autobiographical accounts of meaningful connection. Other characters who crop up in this rich account include EM Forster, Sigmund Freud and Queen Victoria – it truly is entertaining and insightful. Stephen Cope is Scholar Emeritus at Kripalu Yoga Center in the States and a psychotherapist with rich experience in Eastern traditions, so every chapter also includes invaluable advice and exercises on applying these principles to daily life. Friendships are vitally important in these difficult times to support us and sustain us going forward. They also make us – this book shows that they are vital crucibles in the making of our lives.
288pp, 228 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2019
Code: 290239